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Full Vehicle Suspension Repair Service

The suspension is one of the most crucial components of a car working correctly. The main job of the suspension is to increase the friction between the tires and the road, which enhances the grip and the steering control and ability. This ensures a good level of control and stability by the driver, and ensures that the drive is smooth and not jarring for the passengers. If your vehicle’s steering and suspension isn’t working properly, you’re in for a bumpy ride – literally.

The suspension is composed of a few critical parts making up the overall structure. The frame is the load-carrying mechanism which supports the engine and body. The suspension system is the setup which absorbs the shock, maintains contact with the road, and supports the weight. The steering system is what lets the driver guide the vehicle while driving. The tires and the wheels are the parts of the car which make motion possible. All parts will be assessed when you bring in your vehicle for suspension repair.

Symptoms of a faltering steering and suspension system include:

-Noise when driving over bumps
-Vehicle bouncing
-Hard turning
-Uneven tire wear
-Wandering wheels
-Drifting while turning
-The body of the car jumping forward and downward when brakes are applied

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact us and we’ll get you an appointment scheduled for a technician to service your vehicle. Whether you need shock absorber reconditioning or a complete vehicle suspension repair, our team of experienced technicians is equipped to handle all your auto suspension repair needs.